For small pieces, FCS System suggests the usage of additional placement bases, named «pallets».

See a tutorial in this video

Guideline 4.0 detects the workpiece's dimensions and, in case, offers the selection of the pallet after the selection of the base gauge.

The example in the picture shows the pallet's library included with the software.

While adding the pallet it's possibile to modify the library with additional tables and/or remove the ones present already by clicking  (see chap. Base gauges, shoulders, cubes, pallets, third-point arms, machines).

After the pallet's selection, this is placed similarly to the base gauge.

After the selection, the pallet is placed in the center of the base gauge, with a predifined set of components.

Similarly to the base gauge, pallet's holes are projected onto the job, representing with green spheres the possible clamping points.

Pallets can be then repositioned on the base gauge, dragging them around and lifted: Guideline 4.0 respects table's grid and calculates pallet's stacks as well.

Job can be positioned completely on the pallet or have a mixed situation, partly on pallet and partly over the table: spheres projected form one or the other can be distinguished by colors (yellow from table, green from pallet)

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