This function generates a self-extracting bly file (extension .exe) that can be distributed and open without a Bly3D Viewer installation.

See an example in this VIDEO

To generate it, open the interested .bly and press "Self Extracting Bly" icon from the Open File toolbar (see picture:)

After specifing the save path, Bly3D Viewer begins to generate it and displays an advancement toolbar on the screen.

The result is and executable file that can be distributed and used by whoever doesn't have a Bly3D Viewer license available (i.e. a customer or a supplier): running it installs a self-sufficient viewer's subset that will open and work with that specific .bly file only. The instance is fully-functional Bly3D Viewer and works with any .bly file (including large assemblies and Guideline 4.0 generated clamps).

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