Bly can manage both single models or assemblies.

Open File

Bly supports the following graphical format: Bly3D (.bly), STEP (.stp, .step), NX (.prt), IGES (.igs, .iges), WRML (.wrl, .wrml), Object (.obj), Stereolithography (.stl)

Save Bly File

Clicking on the Save Bly File button you can save the content of the graphic area in a file with .bly extension that you can reopen for future use.

Load Full Assembly

Manages assembly's components opening. More details can be found here

Close Assembly

Closes the model or assembly, including its components

Add Component

Requires you to select a .bly or STEP file and add it as a component to the working model/assembly (see Assembly Functions)

Add Empty Part

Adds an empty component to the working model/assembly

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