Assembly Navigator gives access to several functionalities related to asssemblies' management, all accessible right-clicking onto a tree node

  • Export


The command exports the selected component either a .bly file or a new session of Bly

  • Show All

The command brings to view all the geometry in the model, including hidden elements and unthicked components

  • Resets Color of the Selected Faces

It reset to original colors all the geometry of the selected component(s)

  • Set Color and Transparency

Gives the possibility of changing color and transparency of the selected component(s)

  • Move

It gives the possibility to reposition the component in the assembly. When selected, the manipulator is displayed on the highlighted component:

The component can be then dragged along the axis by clicking and holding left mouse button on the related arrow:

Similarly, it can be rotated around an axis by clicking and holding left mouse button on the related sphere (please, note that the pivot is the manipulator's center):

Clicking left mouse button on one arrow will display the contextual option panel:

Clicking left mouse button on one sphere will display another contextual option panel:

Clicking and releasing left mouse button on handle's origin will display its specific contextual option panel:

  • Hide selected

Hides the selected component

  • Isolate component

Hides all assembly's components but the one selected

  • Position Type

In an assembly, a component can be added several times in different positions (i.e.: screws): those additions are called "instances"). That aspect requires a precise definition to the actual component position, which can be one of the following:

    • Real position: consider the actual position of the components. As a consequence, it will Move (see above) all component's instances in the assembly at once;
    • Override Position: moves only the component's instance selected;
    • Override Position don't move children: moves only the component's instance selected excluding children.

  • Set Display Part

Sets the selected component as the only displayed AND working part, so it will be like it is the only one open.

  • Display Parent

After having set the display part, from the assembly navigator it is possible to display back the component's parents

  • Add/Remove component

Bly offers you the capability of build or modify the assemblies via adding/removing existing components (other bly files).

  • Set Density

This command let you set/override the density in a component.

  • Show Information

With this command, the information window below is displayed:

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