See an example in the following VIDEO and also this VIDEO

Once the first breils are placed, they can be modified, removing them o raising the piece (see picure below and, for more details, Phase 1: Stacks placement).

It is also possible to place additional stacks to the clampig, i.e. to increase the stiffness or to correct some stacks position: experienced machinist can improve placements overall, but this can be a delicate operation and must be considered very carefully, since it impacts on the project.

In order to place additional stacks, turn on the spheres and click on the one(s) desired. Be aware that adding a stack to a workpiece clamped already (even partially) do not have the same flexibility than starting with no stacks, since the present stacks must respect the table grid. In some occurrences this limitation can be overcame by using Body Extra-Step

Finally, please note that stacks created in machine setups are green, while the others are light blue.

Should the seats defined (either in another clamp or imported with the 3D model) for a different size than M16, clicking on the cones will make Guideline 4.0 detect its size and suggest to use the appropriate pallet (M6 in the example aside) opening the component selection window with the possible components.

User can then select one of the elements proposed or clamp directly on the ones present in the clamp already:

  • If selected, the element will be placed by Guideline 4.0 on the base gauge directly when no other components (pallets, cubes, shoulders...) are present. If some other component is present, Guideline will ask the user to select the face to attach the component onto (see pictures below, left side). After having positioned the pallet, Guideline 4.0 requires the user to select the final placement face of the job (which can be different than the pallet) and then the job is clamped;

  • If nothing is selected (by clicking on "Close" button), Guideline asks to select the clamping face directly, without adding further components.

IMPORTANT: when evaluating the proposed solutions, the different grids between components (tipically with pallets) must be accounted. It may be not possible to clamp all the seats present on the job, or this may be possible using extra-steps only. Guideline calculate the first possible clamp, but this can not be the preferred one and maybe requires some further manual adjustment.

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