It measures the distance between two objects. Allows selecting points, faces, surfaces and solid bodies as object to measure the distance between. Other than points, the sw measures the minimum distance between the objects, calculating automatically the closest points.

Once pressed the button, the Distance panel appears:

By default Bly asks you to select the Point 1 (greeen dot) first, but you can decide freely which object to select by pressing the objects' buttons.

Once the two objects are selected, the window will show the coordinates of the selected objects, the measured distance and its vectorial elements in X,Y, and Z axis.

In case of parallel planar objects, Bly calculates both the real minimum distance and the theoretical projected shorter distance, called Smart Distance (see example below)

Save Quote button creates an object that remains visible after Mesuring Distance is closed and can be managed using Quote Form  command (see later in this chapter)

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